We treat each business case individually in order to provide our supplier with full service - starting from a proposal of solution including price offer to the disposal of goods and payment. Our purchase offer is usually comprehensive and covers all problematic goods.

     Thanks to our fast service we bring significant time savings to company managers, who often take a long time to find an appropriate residual stock solution.

     In the context of producers' high sales plans, we are able to ensure incremental sales volume and turnover. This is possible thanks to our exclusive distribution system, which is different from the standard distribution channels used by most producers on the market.

     Brand protection is a separate focus for us. We understand how important it is for our suppliers to protect their brand image. We are commited to handling each case quickly and in a professional and discrete manner, according to agreed conditions. We distribute 100% outside traditional retail outlets.

     The environment in which we operate is "well known" for its poor payment discipline. SYPEX, however, pays its suppliers mostly in advance.

     Our large warehousing facilities (over 2,000 palette slots) located in the southern part of Prague guarantee that even full truck deliveries can be handled in the shortest possible time.

     By using our services you are gaining a fast, reliable and complete solution. We take over the responsibility and care for the goods, as well as all risks related to residual products without any additional costs.